Saturday, May 29, 2010

My Words to you deep from my heart

My lovely boy friend Royston Lim was working in oversea for 1 year and back on early of this year. We had hard time of first 3 -4 months due to long separation and lot of big and small arguments.

We did suffered during the period and recovered on middle of March. We have back our sweetness & happiness on April onwards and we are enjoying it yet not sure whether the destiny wanna give me and him more test ?! He is going to US for 2 months cause of his career and leaving me on this mid May......

Was so sad and don't feel like "release" him but i couldn't ! I missing him so much and hardly sleep at night without his smell beside me. I wish time pass faster to have him back with me.

Every time i am fed up of something and feel frustrated, i wish to hear his voice and encourages. But this makes me more sorrow cause of time zone different and we hardly make our time to chat.

And now, i found my new life !!! It's the picture below !!!!!

It's 1 of my birthday present of this year,it's not an easy task to capture this picture and he sent it to my office togother a bunch of red roses. Was so warm and full of love from him.

This is a very precious picture and present deep in my heart, not the beautifull of it but is the message and promises from him.

The glass photo frame was broken during our arguement, my heart was break at the same time too. So he gave me this soft copy in my lap top to put as wall paper as his mistake.

Whenever i feeling down, it always cheer me up and tell me he's always beside me and pass the tough life together with me . I LOVE YOU my dearest, i believe you could be the right guy in my life and treat me as your "BOU BUI", love me with your rest of life....

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Pending of this photo for long time , after so many times tried to edit the feel... but still think it's not perfect , it had been putting in the folder almost 6 months with my fed up (i'm not pro).
Today i killed my lazy worms,and do my best on it !!! Wish the couple will like it.
As it's colour & sepia , i wish he and she will have their relationship from colour photo till the photo become sepia , together with time proven ~

Friday, April 9, 2010

The MOST "SucKie" Ex-husband and super BitChy girL i even seen

One day,my ex-husband suddenly called to my house fix line and asked my daughter pass the phone to me. 1st sentence he said:"From today onwards,i will not pay you and the 2 kids a single cent!".I'm like---"Huh???!!!!" what the fuck ? am i too sick(sick on that day) and having illusion or ..... haven't get what's going on,he repeated again:"I will not pay you all money in the future anymore!"

"Reason??" i asked."There's no reason,but i wouldn't pay money anymore and please don't ask money from me too" he replied.I was so angry and told him it's not you say don't want to pay and you have the right not to pay me and kids money,some more the money is for them to study not for me to shopping!!! And during the conversation,i can hear "beep beep beep" sound behind our sound(i guess he's recording the current conversation).

Once again i told him,thats impossible and even i agree with you,they got no money to go school cause my earn only can allow them not to die from hunger! He replied and said:please find your way to settle,i wouldn't care anymore and i'm planning to get marry with my girl friend very soon,i want to settle this before it! I don't want to have any relationship with you and kids in order no disturbing with my future life with her.

I realised,it's not just a conversation,it's a weapon he use to prove her how "desperate" he wanted her to marry him untill he can let go his own kids due to there's voice record suspection.I really speechless,how could this thing happen?

He haven't wait for my reply,he hang up the phone with last sentence:"That's all."

My mind is totally blank,i never expect there's such guy in the world could think and do this (i don't care it's been forcing or willing),this is really the most stupid thing and the most suckie,no "lan pah" guy i ever seen!!!

After this not long to go,phone ring again,is him.He said:Now i offer last deal,i will only pay 1k every 6 months for them to study.This time i really can't stand my fire on chest and shout at him:"What the hell you think of your children,a dog or a pet maintenance is even higher than your 2 kids,they are not even a animal in your heart!!!!!!?????? What the fuck you saying now? please use your brain and think before you open your fucking mouth and bark!!!!" then i hang up the phone rudely.

He no more calling,BUT an unknown number sent me a sms.As below:

This is the SMS i get -- Brainless info and don't even know which country English is this.

I'm wonder why should they both to judge my alimony and not the judge? This is really funny and think that you both are the judges? Do you both think you two should get a lawyer to talk to me instead of your barking on phone?

Once again,if you don't want to pay that's fine,whatever you do now,will come on one day,i believe that what goes around comes around.Good luck to you and i wish that day will come soon :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baxter --- My houseToy Poddle

Here is the handsome BAXTER !!! This boy got his attitude,when he not happy with you,he will do something to show --- example:"Boo boo" or "wee wee" in the kitchen,moody face if you go out and don't bring him along. Recently he just in a Pets magazine (forgot what's the mag),will tell you guy on the next post ~

Loneliness and YiQYeN

I do feel lonely and helpless sometimes......... wish it's just a short duration for now

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010


最近又与他起争执,照旧为了芝麻绿豆的小事 --- 洗衣服。